Jun 23

Five Things we’ve done during a bet 

unnamed-13So it’s been a while since our last installment, but it’s been a busy Euros, especially writing the Euro betting guide, which has been pretty successful thus far. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy this week’s Five Things and can share your own stories that relate to any of the listed five. Share the good and the bad, or maybe even add something we may have missed from the list.  

1. Crumpling up Betting Slips before half time, because you’ve already FUCKING LOST 

Now how many times have you placed your bets for the 3pm Saturday games, got yourself all set up for a few hours in front of the tele, or down the boozer? Slips out in plain sight, you’ve got yourself comfortable and your ready for the potential goldmine, you’ve convinced yourself that lies ahead. But like every weekend, it ends up being too good to be true. 20 minutes in and that banker side who haven’t lost at home all season, nor conceded more than one in a game, are 2-0 and have just had a man sent off. Now most of us have moved over to digital world and no longer use betting slips, but for those who do and or have done in the past, this is the moment, when you start practicing your Michael Jordan three pointer with a nearby bin, only to miss that as well.

2. Frantically looking for that crumpled Betting Slip  

So instead of an afternoon of joy, you’ve spent it practicing your basketball skills, only to be 1 from 4, with the nearby bin, to all of a sudden have some hope. All of a sudden you’re now frantically searching for that original crumpled slip, nor gone an hour later. For those lucky few (a somewhat premature statement), football sometimes has this beautiful way of turning on its head and surprising each and every one of us. Somehow the 10 men, 2-0 down side, have turned the game around and are shockingly now leading. In the midst of joy and happiness however you still need to find that FUCKING slip. For the real lucky few, they’ve only thrown the slip a few inches away, not even, out of beer or remote control range, but for those unlucky fuckers like myself, the dogs been having at it, in drips and drabs for the last hour.

Now somehow the slip has survived and for the moment the sun is shining and all is good with the world, but, but, there’s always a FUCKING but. Seeing as you’ve now been without said slip for near on an hour, you may have forgotten a few minor details regarding said bet, like the other four teams, who are not fucking winning, thus returning you to the now Shaquille O’Neal slam dunk impression (Still somehow missing the target lol).

3. Started spending the money way too soon 

I’d say anyone is a fucking idiot if they start to spend money they can’t even see or touch yet, but seeing as I near on envisage the cash in hand after every confirmation of a bet, I’d put it down to more blissful ignorance, than anything else. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, especially when the bet looks like a sure thing and let’s face it, they all are, especially our tips lol. It’s just the nature of the sport to believe that anything could happen, especially everything positive, it’s just a shame most weeks we end up feeling like we’ve just been robbed at gun point, or even worse still, left the money on the bus (Only happened to one of us once), but remember there’s always another bet lol.

4. Looked at flights to Vegas 

If you can solemnly swear during one of those massive £1 punts that return a shit ton of money, when a few sides are winning with no losers, that you haven’t thought about going Vegas, then you’re a bare face liar. I cannot tell you how often one of the lads here at SONTT, has used the words ‘Vegas Money’ or quickly scanned the internet for a quick flight to Vegas and I’m slightly ashamed to say it’s happened more times than I can count, with everytime ending in heartbreak, but one day… one day.

It may be a daft statement to make and one that even if we win, may never even follow up, but it’s just the mindset of a gambler, think big and or think bigger.

5. If that side and that side and that side, get a goal  

I think these are the words ringing around most punters lips at some point during a bet, ‘if they score, they score, they hold out and that score stays the same, I could have a winner here boys’. Ok it might not be those exact words, but definitely a rendition of the sort, which is blind sighted by pure optimism found in every bet ever placed.

Surely one day you’d think we’d learn, but come 4.30pm on a Saturday, bet slip/mobile in hand, the words will be sung again and again, and who can blame us, this optimism is why we bet. I’d maybe suggest a rule for you and your mates, that when one of yourselves recites the dreaded speech, they gets the round in. But if experience is anything to go by, you all just end up buying each other drinks anyway lol.

Hopefully you’ve all had a good laugh and though it’s very unlikely, hopefully you’re that lucky so and so who can’t relate to anything on the list, but I doubt it, haha. If you think we’ve missed anything, please leave a comment below and share some of your own funny stories.

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