May 19

Five Things

unnamed-13We introduce our new series, called five things. This will be five things all us gamblers have done in certain situations, which most of the time is based on our emotion and almost always based on our delusion. Hopefully you all enjoy and can share your own stories that relate to any of the listed five. Share the good and the bad, or maybe even add something we may have missed from the list.  

Five Things we’ve all done when losing a bet: 

1. Look at all the teams you could have picked to win your bet. 

I’m pretty sure come 5pm on a Saturday, most of us are scrolling through results via our phones or for those old school fuckers out there who just won’t let go, teletext. Only to find a host of games you should have added, or thought about adding to your bets and start the ‘what I could have won’ dance. Does “Damn it, if only I had added in Charlton and Cambridge, instead of those two losers there, I would have won my bet” ring a bell to any of you lol.

2. Tell all your mates about that massive 10/1 shot you fancied but never backed. 

This one is not as common, but one that I can imagine most have experienced one way or the other at some point. Whether it’s your mate bragging about how he fancied Bournemouth to beat Chelsea, or yourself doing the same, it always ends up the same way, your head overthinks your heart’s decision and though you’ve basically tipped a worldie for the weekend, you’ve ended up potless, with only what might have been to ponder over.

3. Assume the game must have been fixed, when betting on foreign leagues. 

Something we’ve seen pop up on our page a few times recently and certainly the thought process when that unbeaten Slovakian side loses at home, priced at 2/7 to ruin your acca. Though there are probably a few incidences of actual match fixing taking place most weekends, we often see the stereotypes come flooding out, especially when it comes to Italian football, as lets face it, it’s fucking fixed, remember that next time we tip a losing Italian side loool.

4. Start looking for that League Two striker’s social media, who just missed a penalty or that defender who mindlessly scored an own goal, to cost you a bet and just outright abuse the hell out of them. 

Maybe this one is just me, but on more than one occasion, I have found myself naming and shaming, some poor player just trying to make a living, because he’s cost me a few extra pints down the boozer. I’d show you an image of my most recent antics, but I’ve since been banned from speaking to said individual and to be honest I think he’s since won me a bet, so we cool.

5. The Recurring Nightmare: you say to yourself, you’re never going to back that team again or any teams from a certain league and next week find yourself backing them all over again. 

Out of them all, I’d say this action probably happens near enough every weekend for a lot of us. How many times have you found yourself backing Man Utd for them to lose, or think you’ve found a winner from the French League, that turns out to be piss poor and state “never again”? Well until next week, only to do it all again.

Hopefully you’ve all had a good laugh and though it’s very unlikely, hopefully you’re that lucky so and so who can’t relate to anything on the list, but I doubt it, haha.

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