May 25

Just another typical Thursday 

unnamed-2As the title suggests, this week’s betting story comes from a typical Thursday, which consisted of a bit of Czech football and darts. Now I know this may sound like a glamorous day for most, especially as it includes a night out down the O2 for the darts final, but for Mr Red, it was more of a nightmare.  

It all began when Mr Red placed a £100 bet on some Czech under 21 football, yes I said it under 21 football, I think he may have a problem. Now why £100 you may ask, especially on this level of football, well what you don’t know, is Mr Red has recently started some £10 challenges, in the effort to see how far he can get and also to see if it’s worth sharing via the site. Now without going into much detail, his tactic thus far, has been combining short odds bets and building the money slowly.

So with the kitty currently sitting at the £100 mark, give or take a quid, Mr Red thought he’d found a winner, which came in the form of Sparta Prague and the game consisting of over 3.5 goals. Now for those who don’t follow Czech under 21 football, Sparta Prague won the game 3-2, looking like a pretty simple win for Mr Red. However, Mr Red made what we can only call in the business, a “boo-boo”, backing Slavia Prague by mistake, who only won 1-0. Now Mr Red is adamant he picked the right selection here, but receipts don’t lie and we can only put it down to the fact that his colour blindness played a decisive part, though he may be clutching at straws lool.

Onto the darts portion of the story, which is starting to become a bit of a tradition for the tipsters here. After the three attended the final last year, with Mr Blue and Green, missing the last train home, stealing a street cleaner and having to be picked up at 5am by Mr Blues girlfriend, it didn’t seem right to go this year with Mr Green travelling. However after a bit of curiosity, Mr Blue noticed the prices were plummeting, information he passed over to the distraught Mr Red.

At first glance, Mr Red made the categorical decision of NO, he was in a hump and couldn’t bare to part with anymore money, but, after the aroma of overpriced beer and the music ‘Do DoDoDaDo, DoDoDaDo Do, Oi! Oi! Oi!’ ringing through his ears, his mind quickly changed.

So onto the Darts and an evening of drinking ahead. Now it wouldn’t be right going to any sporting event and not placing a bet on the overall outcome. Many may know that SkyBet offer treble markets on the darts, in which you back the player to win the match, with the highest checkout and most amount of 180s.

Like near enough every entrant into last Thursday’s Darts final, we managed to find our seats about half way through the first game, after trying to buy as much beer as possible in the foyer. This left us with the upcoming Taylor Anderson match to place our money on, at which time we put £40 between us, on the 8/1 treble bet landing in favor of Phil Taylor. For those who didn’t watch the match, it was a game full of mistakes, with near on every 180 being cancelled out by poor double finishing and their opponent landing the similar trebles. However after the break, Taylor found himself in a prime position to win the match, leading on 180s as well as the highest checkout. But, “why is there always a fucking but”, seemingly in poll position, with Taylor having six darts to take a 9-5 lead, he managed to somehow manage to waste his chance and hand the momentum back to Anderson.

Four games on and another loss of throw for both men, Taylor finds himself on throw 9-7 up. Unfortunately though, both men were currently level on 180s, fucking up Mr Reds day even more and a lovely £180 each for both tipsters. Throwing for the match and on Taylor’s second approach to the board, we had a glimmer of hope. After throwing two perfect darts to lift both our tipsters arses from their seats and their beers slightly ascue from their glasses, Taylor’s third dart bounced off the wire and above the acquired zone, to leave both men with their heads in their hands. Taylor went on to clinch victory and like so many of us, whilst betting, we were left to ponder what if.

So after another bout of heartache and about 10 pints later, both tipsters were ready to call it night. Yes it’s been a bad day for betting and they’ve also just spunked £100 between them on beers out of a fucking plastic cup, but you have to ask yourself, could it get much worse? unfortunately it just may. What happened next can only be described as a fuck it moment by Mr Red. Someone who lives in North West London, managed to end up in Brixton hours from home, after being left by Mr Blue near on five minutes from his house.

How this happened you may ask, well all will be revealed. This eventual trip by Mr Red, a somewhat misguided decision at the time, led to himself being two hours late for work, wearing the same clobber from the day before and stinking of regret, shame and beer that was being tossed around by the crowd. So as mentioned before it may well have just got worse, however it is rumored that in the mist of all his disappointment and subsequent lateness for work, he may have managed to get his leg over, ending the day on a high, which brings us to believe, “every story does have a happy ending”.

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