May 06

The Extra Zero 

unnamed-2So for many across the globe, in play betting is a great way to make money, or add extra value to certain teams. But on one weekday evening, the in play betting market, almost sent Mr Blue into mental breakdown and took him on a emotional rollercoaster.  

Mr Blue was just watching TV, lazying around, picking fluff out of his belly button, you know the usual stuff you do around 9/10 at night, when he decided to start scrolling around SkyBet, looking for some potential bets for the week. Now normally Mr Blue isn’t the type to lump on bets, nor just randomly bet in play, but for some reason, he was feeling frisky.

Munich where playing Leverkusen in the German Cup and the game had gone to extra time, with penalties imminent. Both sides where priced at even money to win said shootout and he made the decision to place £50 on Munich. Now the idea in his head from what we’ve been told is to basically pay for the weekends betting, but why we asked would you back on a penalty shootout, the biggest lottery in football. But Mr Blue had some information we didn’t know, something he believed pushed the odds in his favor. Only a week before Leverkusen excited out of the Europe, via a penalty shootout, scoring one and missing three, which all sailed over the bar, something which was enough for him to risk £50.

Now this is where the story gets interesting, very interesting. When trying to place the bet, his internet started to experience problems, so much so that when he tried to deposit the funds via his phone and place the bet, it kept sending an error message. Not only this but the section in which you insert the value to deposit, became unresponsive, only showing the number 5, until. All of a sudden, the deposit system worked and his bet was placed, unfortunately though, from all the times pressing zero, he in fact placed a bet worth £500 instead of £50.

As I said before it gets interesting. Now sweating and literally close to shitting his pants, he looked to cash out the bet, which was now about £40 lower than the stake, at which time he made the nervous and possibly stupid decision to let the bet run.

Still bricking it, Mr Blue frantically started looking for a stream to watch the shootout, at which time Munich opened the scoring, making the game 1-0. However, as Leverkusen stepped up to potentially level the game, his internet decided it was time to play its second trick of the day and completely shut down. This led to what I’ve been told, as some very foul language and furniture throwing, from out 17 stone, 6ft5 tipster, yes I know his a massive fucker.

Unaware though in his frantic state, he could simply use his 4G on his phone and watch the bet tracker via SkyBet, a fate worse than death at times, especially in a situation like this, he wasted a fair bit of time playing with his router. Eventually though a spark went off in his head and onto bet tracker he went, but the bet was not there, as the game had ended. But who won, I hear you ask, and what happened to Mr Blues £500……………………………………………………………..

Let’s just say both me and Mr Green received a somewhat out of breath screech of joy down the phone, with the words yes being repeated over and over again, what a lucky bastered.

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