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Apr 26

The day Ladbrokes got taken for £10

Hopefully, you’ve all been following our betting stories thus far and enjoyed a good giggle, most of which come at the expense of the team here. However though this weeks posts does poke some fun at our very own Mr Blue, it is a somewhat story of bookie bashing, just on a very small scale. So one day, Mr …

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Apr 20

Betting Stories: The Horse That Turned Right 

This week’s story is again about Mr Green, who learned Karma is a bitch. To set the scene, Mr Green sent us a video one day, which showed a horse who was about to win a race and cross the finishing line, to only make a complete right turn and run towards the fence, allowing another horse to …

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Apr 13

The Day Defoe, cost Mr Green over £11,000 

Now after reading the title, your probably in quite a fair bit of shock right now and it’s such a haunting memory that Mr Green cannot bare to write. The task has fallen to myself, Mr Blue, to guide you through the events of this horrific day and trust me, I was there, so I know exactly …

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Mar 30

A lesson in stretching before betting

Not all betting stories are ones of joy, nor are they just about scamming and beating the bookies. Some are very dramatic or so comical, you wouldn’t believe they’re true. So with this in mind, we’re going to start adding these stories more on a frequent basis, which you can add to in the comment …

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Mar 03

The Yellow Sam Betting Coup a.k.a Curley Coup

We are big fans hear at she only needs the tip of any story regarding the bookies getting bashed, this was brought to our attention a few months ago when apprantly rumour had got around that there was another one taking place however the rumours amounted to nothing in the end. The orginal though was …

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Feb 01

Operation Crock Of Gold.

The biggest scam on the bookies of all time! We here at She Only Needs The Tip love to hear about a good bookie bashing so we thought we’d bring you the story about the biggest gambling con in history. The time the bookies almost got taken for what would have been £3 Million of today’s …

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