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Mar 21

The In-Play large single theory

This was a theory brought to our attention when we read about these two sweidish fella ‘ s online who have quit their jobs and now do this full time as a job, for true football fans out there they’ll like this theory it involves watching a lot of football. (The orginal pair who were …

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Mar 18

The big banker bets theory

We here at she only needs the tip are always looking to find the golden theory, the one theory that works everytime and will be our early retirement plan. Until we stumble across that however we will provide you with a what have avaliable now We understand that these are by no means a sure …

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Mar 01

Staggered Betting Theory

Staggered betting is theory of having multiple accumulators in one similar to but different from the traditional styles of a Patent, Yankee or Heinz betting. Staggered betting looks at setting a starting stake, for example £10 and distributing the money across a selection of accumulators. The idea is to distribute the money in a specific way that covers yourself, by staking higher amounts on what you see as more obvious or favorable choices …

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