The SONTT Betting Rules

The Official @SONTT_UK Betting Rules have been developed by Mr Blue, Mr Green and Mr Red through years of hard work and research, (what we really mean is betting). The rules are a list of betting do’s and don’ts and we feel should be punished by your mates if broken.


1. Never bet against your own team. This is one of the oldest betting don’ts and one which should be followed, the guilt alone for winning when your team loses should be enough to put you off this.

2. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Betting should be fun and hopefully profitable, but don’t break the bank just because you’ve got a hunch.

3. If you’re down the pub watching the scores come in and you win big, you get the shots in (however as you are the winner the choice of shot is yours, apart from Sourz of course!)

4. Don’t bet on friendlies, these are a complete lottery and you just don’t know what level of team will be put out, where teams are in their development and what systems they may be trying out.

5. Doing your Saturday afternoon acca’s? Make sure you don’t have one team in every bet, sods law they will have a man sent off in 2nd minute!

6. Don’t bet when drunk, you’re going to make rash decisions and won’t think it through. It’s bad enough waking up checking your bank balance and seeing receipts from last nights club thinking ‘when did I buy 20 Jaegers?’ without the added loss of a pissed up bet at 2am!

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7. Don’t get greedy or chase your loses, this leads to you betting more than you can realistically afford.

8. Don’t put the 12:45 kick off in your acca, there’s a good chance you’ll be heading back to bookies at 14:45!

9. Don’t just add lines to your acca because ‘they’re 1/4 surely they will win’ do your research and don’t have too many lines, it only takes one loss to ruin the acca.

10. Wait until team news has been announced until betting on cup football, unless it’s the latter stages or a major trophy. For example: Don’t just back Stoke because they’re playing York in the FA Cup, the reserves could be playing.

Now if you see a friend break any of these rules, then feel free to punish him with the below forfeits. It’s the only way they will learn…


1 Rule Break: They must buy a round

2 Rule Breaks: They must apologise over social media & tell the world what they’ve done

3 Rule Breaks: They must hand over their unlocked phone for 10mins

4 Rule Breaks: They must down a dirty pint, of at least four different items

5 Rule Breaks: Make them complete a dare of your choosing

6 Rule Breaks: Make them attend a gamblers anonymous class

If they continue to break the rules, give up, they’re hopeless!

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