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Ever wanted to say thanks to Mr Red, Blue or Green (probably not Mr Green). Found yourselves quids up after a weekend of following the sites tips and thought “I’d love to buy these fellas a pint”? Well, now you can!

We’ve recently set up a campaign on a site called Fund Razr, with the goal to raise enough money to invest in the site and improve the experience for all.

At present, we run this site during our spare time and is something we’ve wanted to turn into our full time jobs since we started, and fulfil our ambition of making this the largest community of gamblers on the internet. We love what we do and we appreciate every single Facebook like, comment and person who visits our page, so for that, we thank you.

Currently we are looking to raise money for a new venture which will allow all our followers to enter prize competitions via our site on a daily basis and earn you some money.  Now the prizes may not amount to a hoilday abroad or help you make a payment on a new car, but they will be entertaining and give yourselves a lot more chances to win, much more frequently.

Though we may use some of the money raised, for a night out or two or nine, you can be assured every penny donanted will go into the running of the site and any future investments.

Now we don’t expect any donation whatsoever, as already said, just liking a post is brilliant. But if you would like to say thanks and help the site grow then click on the link below and make your decision then.

Thank you.


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