May 29

Mr Green’s Sunday Tips

Apoligies again from myself for the lack of tips however the situation is I am travelling around Asia and it is simply not always possible to put up well researched tips however that has always been why we used three tipsters on the site to ensure you would never be without decent tips. So let’s waste no time I have some cocktails to get back too.

I’m turning my hand at formulae 1 today and with the Monaco GP. Firstly let me remind you Nicolas Roberg has win this track 3 years in a row and is looking to make thos his 4th. After last weekends crash the Mercedes drivers will be on their best behaviour and when the battle of the egos is taken out of the equation  I see nothing but a clear win here for the Mercedes team. Bets to consider:

Double podium finish … 8/11

Fastest lap Nico Rosberg. … 7/2

Winning team Mercedes … 1/1

Nico Rosberg to win … 14/5

I know I know, international friendlies.. usually something where my tips would be steer clear as often these matches are win or lost on team info that isn’t avalible until just before the match and then can often be let down by subbing off all the good players once the manager is happy he’s seen what he wanted. That being said I have read reports of a weakened Scottish team being played, this coupled with the fact Italy will have the home advantage leans me towards backed them at a very resonable 4/6. Turkey played well against England and we’re in my opunion unlucky, they will be looking to make amends for that tonight so for them it may be more than a friendly game. I will also be adding them into the equation. Spain and Germany again don’t want the embarrassed or the bad press of losing at home to such weaker sides. I see only one way these games will go. Bets to consider:

Turkey/Turkey … 1/1

Turkey … 2/5

Spain … 4/9

Spain/Spain … 11/10

Spain – 1 … 5/4

Germany … 4/11

Draw/Germany … 3/1

Mr Green’s Single:

Italy … 4/6

Mr Green’s Banker Four fold:




Winning team Mercedes     …. 4.5/1

Mr Green’s Longshot:

Nico Rosberg to win




Spain      …24/1


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